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truTV HighLight

Hardcore Pawn


Season 2 Episodes

Crazy Cash
Aired: 12/28/2010
It's close encounters of the strange kind when Les is presented with an item that's alleged to communicate with aliens. Then, Seth squares off with a customer who flips out when she can't get her earrings out of pawn. Plus, an ex-adult film star brings in a big box of his biggest hits to the shop. And, Ashley is reduced to tears when she and Seth trade blows over a lost sale.
The Big Bet
Aired: 12/28/2010
Les challenges Seth to a high stakes sales competition. As the battle heats up, Les faces his most dangerous customer yet. Will security step in or will Les throw down? Plus, Ashley goes toe-to-toe with a customer who won't take no for an answer.
Storm's a-Brewin'
Aired: 1/4/2011
The shop becomes a powder keg when hundreds of angry customers face hour-long lines. Plus, Les must determine if a customer is fencing stolen goods. Then, the Golds are presented with a rusty old tractor that could be worth a truckload of cash. And, Seth and Ashley's feud erupts in front of the entire staff... and Les is forced to intervene.
Desperate Pawn
Aired: 1/11/2011
Seth takes a beating when a negotiation turns into a kung fu fiasco. Then, Ashley scrambles to find a customer's missing guitar. Plus, the Golds must stand together as they face off against a mob of desperate customers, all in a day that's brought in more business than they typically see in two weeks.
Skulls & Scoundrels
Aired: 01/18/2011
An angry customer claims he was sold a fake watch. With their reputation at stake, the Golds are forced to prove their expertise. Then, Ashley explodes when her dad second guesses her. Les buys an elephant skull and Seth's convinced it will never sell. Plus, Ashley offers a customer way too much money for some gemstones and Les has to jump in to save her.
The Gambler
Aired: 01/25/2011
A high stakes gambler visits the pawn shop for funds. The Golds bet he'll hit big, but are they pressing their luck? Then, Les calls security for backup when an argument over a missing item turns violent. And, things go from kooky to kinky when a customer tries to sell a gynecologist's table. TV-14-L
Fool's Gold
Aired: 02/01/2011
Things heat up when an employee is asked to strip down and test out a tanning machine. A customer tries to sell her gold bracelet but Les tells her it's a fake. And, Seth has to determine if a gold watch is priceless or worthless. TV-14-L
Cash Kings
Aired: 02/08/2011
Les makes an out-of-character impulse purchase that turns the pawn shop into an arcade. Then Ashley is threatened by a customer when a negotiation goes too far. And, Les gives a big loan to a customer with an unlikely sob story. Will she repay the loan as promised or has Les been fleeced? TV-14-L
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