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Forensic Files



Each of these techniques was used in an episode of Forensic Files. Every page offers an explanation of a method used by actual forensic investigators.
As the series continues, more techniques will be added.

Ritual Killings
Investigators look to see whether a crime's method of operation, or MO, was the same or different, and whether either or both crimes involved any ritualistic behaviors that could be used to characterize the suspect. more »

Digital Image Processing
Investigators may rely on computerized technology that enables digital processing and enhancement of an image. more »

The Global Positioning System (GPS)
A network of satellites encircling the globe that transmits signals accessible by an unlimited number of ground-based receivers. more »

Estimating Time of Death (TOD)
Medical investigators look for various signs to help them estimate a time frame - usually a 2 to 4 hour window of time - in which the victim probably died. more »

Casting of Shoeprints
Casting can retrieve a three-dimensional footwear impression. more »

Characteristics of Shoeprints
Identifying characteristics are defined as "characteristics that result when something is randomly added to or taken away from a shoe outsole..." more »

DNA Extraction and Analysis
Body fluids, such as semen, blood, and saliva, are commonly used in forensic investigations as a source of cells for DNA extraction and analysis. more »

Finding Accelerants in Arson Investigations
Investigators can prove that a fire was set intentionally by finding an accelerant at the scene of a fire. more »

Signs of Asphyxiation
Asphyxiation, or death due to a lack of oxygen, can have many causes, including strangulation or compression of the neck, suffocation, drowning, choking, and hanging. more »

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