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Forensic Files


Season 9 Episodes

Smiley Face
Aired: 5/22/2009
A woman is sexually assaulted, stabbed repeatedly, and left for dead. She survives, and gives police a detailed description of her attacker. When a man fitting that description practically turns himself in, police are sure they have their man... until the DNA evidence proves them wrong. TV-14 V
Dirty Laundry
Aired: 6/5/2009
A self-made man who never minced words is founds murdered. Was a disgruntled client or employee involved, or could money and racy photos hold the clues that will crack this case wide open? TV-14 V
Drowning Sorrows
Aired: 6/12/2009
A family vacation turns into a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake. There are no witnesses and little conclusive evidence to help police determine if they're dealing with a suicide, an accident, or something more sinister... until a forensic pathologist uses a groundbreaking technique to discover the truth. TV-14 V
As Fault
Aired: 6/19/2009
A woman in the back of a truck is seen flailing her arms, screaming. Witnesses thought she was doing something dangerous for the fun of it. But when they found a jacket near a pool of blood, they knew what they'd seen wasn't a joy ride; it was an abduction. TV-PG V
Family Ties
Aired: 7/17/2009
An assailant breaks into a couple's home with an axe; he kills the husband and critically injures his wife. Nothing was taken, so this wasn't a robbery. Can a DNA profile from skin cells collected hundred of miles away reveal the killer's identity and his motive for murder? TV-PG V
Trouble Brewing
Aired: 7/24/2009
Two suspects living in the same apartment are linked to a murder by a gun and a pair of bloodstained boots - items that belong to the one who claims he's never met the victim. Investigators hope the manufacturing code stamped on six beer bottles will be distinctive enough to prove who is telling the truth, and who is a cold-blooded killer. TV-14 V
Holy Terror
Aired: 8/14/2009
Two churches are bombed and one person is killed. Can a thin copper wire help find the perp before he strikes again? TV-PG V
Needle in a Haystack
Aired: 9/4/2009
There was no apparent reason for a young, healthy college student to be dead. But when the medical examiner found a tiny clue during the autopsy, investigators were able to unravel a mystery of betrayal and revenge. TV-PG V
Room with a View
Aired: 9/11/2009
A college student is found stabbed more than a hundred times; her bedroom blood-soaked. While her body was positioned in a suggestive way, she hadn't been sexually assaulted. Was this a sex crime, or the random act of a man with an intense hatred of women? TV-14, D, V
Dollars and Sense
Aired: 9/25/2009
When a body is found burned beyond recognition, police create a composite sketch to identify the victim. But who could have killed him and why did they want him dead? TV-14, D, V
Hair Line
Aired: 10/2/2009
A young scientist falls gravely ill and tests arrive too late to save him. But lab analysis of his hair showing when attempts were made on his life, help police catch the killer. TV-PG V
All That Glitters Is Gold
Aired: 10/16/2009
A bullet-riddled car, a missing driver, and no witnesses. Was this an ambush or a random attack? Was the victim abducted or dead? The answers lay in a unique clue, so tiny it was measured in millionths of a meter. TV-14-DV
Deadly Rebellion
Aired: 10/30/2009
The body of a teen with a history of running away is discovered half-naked on the side of a road. Her throat has been slit. Police hope a single foreign hair found in a defensive wound on the victim's thumb will lead to the killer. TV-14-V
Sign of the Crime
Aired: 11/13/2009
When two women from the same apartment complex are found murdered police conclude they are dealing with a serial killer who harbors an intense hatred of women. Can they find him before he strikes again? TV-14-DV
Covet Thy Neighbor
Aired: 11/20/2009
When a college co-ed vanishes without a trace, her fellow students grow concerned about her safety... and their own. Weeks later, the body of an unknown female is discovered 700 miles away in the ashes of a barn fire, and an alert police officer realizes the two crimes might be connected. TV-14-DV
Writing on the Wall
Aired: 12/04/2009
In the final moments of her life, a woman writes a name on the wall - presumably that of the killer - in her own blood. But this isn't an open and shut case and, in order to solve it, investigators must read between the lines.
Hundreds of Reasons
Aired: 12/11/2009
A restaurant manager is found stabbed to death. With $8,000 missing from the safe, police have their motive, but finding the killer doesn't prove so easy.
Cold Feet
Aired: 12/18/2009
A convenience store safe is found empty and the clerk, missing. Hours later, her bound, half-naked body is discovered in nearby woods. Can advances in forensic science help police catch the killer two decades later? TV-14-DV
Separation Anxiety
Aired: 1/8/2010
Attempting to dispose of the body by incinerating it proved to be one of many mistakes... culminating in the killer's grainy image in security video being brought into sharp focus by something ordinary and everywhere: a store discount card. TV-PG-V
Office Visit
Aired: 1/22/2010
A respected surgeon was stabbed to death in the parking lot next to his office. The most likely suspect is seen having dinner in a restaurant at the time of the murder. But a cryptic conversation leads police to believe that, while the suspect may not have wielded the knife, he could very well have hired the man who did. TV-PG-V
Shoe-in for Murder
Aired: 2/5/2010
Terrified, a young girl hid in her bedroom while her mother was attacked and stabbed to death. Investigators had a wealth of evidence: shoe impressions, distinctive blood drops, and the killer's DNA. What they didn't have was a basis for comparison. TV-14-V
Family Interrupted
Aired: 2/19/2010
A gunman opens fire as a family of four enters their home, killing two and wounding the others. He pulls open a few drawers to make it look like a robbery, but the scene is clearly staged. When police piece together the clues, they discover an unlikely suspect and a carefully orchestrated plot. TV-14
Palm Saturday
Aired: 3/12/2010
An attractive young couple is found dead in their Graham, Washington home and all signs point to a professional hit. But dogged investigators discover some valuable evidence that proves otherwise. A palm print and two distinct shoe impressions help police separate fantasy from reality and expose a fatal flaw in one state's inmate release procedures. TV-14-V
Runaway Love
Aired: 4/2/2010
It was classic "overkill." A woman floating in the harbor of an upscale yacht club - stabbed more than 50 times; her ex-husband and daughter gone missing. Investigators turn to forensic science to determine if they're searching for victims... or perpetrators. TV-14-V
Watchful Eye
Aired: 4/23/2010
A state park employee is murdered in the park office in the middle of the afternoon. There's a wealth of evidence at the scene, but it doesn't implicate the prime suspect, it clears him. Six years and 600 leads later, advances in DNA technology enable investigators to identify and convict the killer. TV-14-V
Waste Mis-Management
Aired: 5/14/2010
A middle-aged woman vanishes from her apartment complex. A well-cleaned crime scene provides detectives with very little information. A search of a nearby dumpster pinpoints a suspect, but who is he? Will his careful cleaning help lead to his conviction or will the absence of a body complicate the case? TV-PG-D
Dirty Little Seacret
Aired: 6/4/2010
A couple vanishes on Memorial Day weekend. Their clothes and personal items are still in their rented condo, their car is still parked outside, and there are no signs of forced entry or foul play. A week later, police get an unexpected lead from a robbery in progress and the evidence they find helps them solve a crime of unparalleled violence and brutality. TV-14-V
Lights Out
Aired: 6/11/2010
A young mother is stabbed to death and her four year-old daughter savagely beaten. Police have a suspect, but not enough evidence to tie him to the crimes. After 15 years, advances in technology help bring the killer to justice. TV-14-V
Pet Rock
Aired: 6/18/2010
A quiet waitress vanishes without a trace. Police suspect a case of a date gone horribly wrong. When her body is discovered it comes wrapped in a mountain of evidence. It takes fingerprint analysis, trace evidence and DNA work to unravel a woman's final night of terror. TV-14-V
Best Foot Forward
Aired: 7/2/2010
The investigation of an exotic dancer's disappearance leads police to an isolated 75-acre site where someone was shot and cremated. The destruction of the remains is almost complete, but not quite. Soft tissue attached to a limb provides enough DNA for a genetic profile, and positive identification of the victim. TV-14-V
Purebread Murder
Aired: 7/16/2010
A young mother is murdered after years of domestic abuse. There are clues at the scene: bloody footprints and DNA from the victim's rape kit. But the evidence which would conclusively tie the killer to the crime is on a freshly baked hamburger bun.
Hear No Evil
Aired: 7/30/2010
Threatening emails, a missing person and an abandoned truck lead police to a home where they believe a murder was committed. The evidence is overwhelming and investigators are sure they have the killer. What they don't have is the victim's body. TV-14-V
Hell's Kitchen
Aired: 8/13/2010
It appears a victim had accidentally fallen and hit her head at the bottom of the stairs. But the odd position of her shoes and the absence of blood spatter leads police to suspect the scene had been staged... luminol proves they are right. TV-14-V
Three's a Crowd
Aired: 8/27/2010
A woman is gunned down in the church parking lot after choir practice. Her husband becomes the prime suspect – particularly when police learn he had recently discovered his wife had been cheating on him for three years. TV-14-DS
A Squire's Riches
Aired: 9/10/2010
A truck falls off of a hydraulic jack crushing a man working beneath it and sparking a fire, or so it seems. Investigators turn to forensic science to determine if they are dealing with a tragic accident or a carefully orchestrated murder. TV-14-V
Home of the Brave
Aired: 9/24/2010
A young man rescues his wife and infant son after their trailer catches fire. A month later, his wife is beaten to death in his parents' home. A cut window screen points to an intruder, but the lack of supporting evidence compels investigators to look beyond the obvious.
Freeze Framed
Aired: 10/8/2010
A man suffers a slow, agonizing death over a period of days. His wife maintains he killed himself but police are skeptical, especially when they learn about the death of her first husband. TV-PG-V
Touch of Evil
Aired: 10/22/2010
The media dubbed him the "Last Call Killer" because he targeted men in gay bars who were obviously intoxicated. His MO involved dismembering the bodies and wrapping the parts in plastic bags, which he then carefully washed to remove all incriminating evidence. He eluded capture for almost ten years, but new technology revealed fingerprints no one knew were there. TV-14-V
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