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Forensic Files


Season 8 Episodes

Wheel of Misfortune
Aired: 10/24/2007
After trying her luck at a local casino, a young woman heads for home but is never seen again. With no witnesses to account for her disappearance, investigators are stumped. But can hair analysis, impact spatter, and clinical forensics help trace the misfortune produced by a cold-blooded killer? TV-14
The Day the Music Died
Aired: 11/14/2007
When a nationally known Seattle-based rock star is found murdered, police are under intense pressure to find her killer. But the murder appears to be random and no suspects can be found. The case goes dead for almost a decade and looks like it will never get solved. But a combination of new forensic technology and a routine arrest more than four thousand miles away finally reveals the killer. TV-14 V
Insignificant Others
Aired: 12/10/2007
When a dentist's wife is found dead, it looks like suicide, but there are still some questions left unanswered. And after a phone call leads police to a related incident that occurred over 50 miles away and 14 years earlier, their suspicions are raised. With the help of forensics, will two separate suicide cases become a double homicide... with one man to blame? TV-14
Catch 22
Aired: 12/17/2007
A woman was ambushed in her driveway and shot to death. During their investigation, police learned that a co-worker half her age was in love with her, and that she'd spurned his advances. They now had to determine if love had turned into obsession... and a motive for murder. TV-14, V
Screen Pass
Aired: 1/7/2008
A Colorado teen goes missing and the community bands together to find her. Her body is found nearly two years later, and the investigation quickly switches from missing to murder. But when a fingerprint on a window frame leads police to the man responsible, will it open the book on nearly 50 unsolved murders? TV-PG
Pressed for Crime
Aired: 1/14/2008
A brutal murder, lots of suspects, and conflicting evidence... but the forensics was clear on one thing: The killer knew his victim. Could this small piece of the puzzle help jump start a stalled investigation? TV-PG V
Finger Pane
Aired: 1/21/2008
When a serial killer is on the loose, police need to find him before he strikes again. Their most promising lead is also an unusual one: a bloody fingerprint on the body of one of the victims. Is this clue enough to point to the killer? TV-14
Good as Gold
Aired: 1/28/2008
Two young women were brutally murdered in Napa, California on Halloween night. The killer left his DNA behind, and a groundbreaking test revealed his race and even the color of his eyes and hair. Technology was able to tell investigators what he looked like... now all they had to do was find him. TV-14
Dog Day Afternoon
Aired: 2/25/2008
A woman was murdered in her home, and the only witnesses to the crime were the family dogs. An expert in canine behavior was convinced the killer knew both the victim and the animals, and he was determined to find-out exactly what the dogs had seen. TV-14 V
Shattered Innocence
Aired: 3/7/2008
When a prominent criminal defense attorney is found murdered inside his own home, police suspect it may have come at the hands of one of his questionable clientele. But will the shattered glass of a staged crime scene tip investigators and lead them to a murder that's all in the family? TV-PG V
All Butt Certain
Aired: 3/14/2008
A six-year-old girl ran and hid when she saw her grandmother being beaten to death, but the man followed her, beat her, and assaulted her. The girl said the man was her Uncle Clarence, and he was convicted because of her identification. She recanted her testimony years later, but the court denied Clarence's petition for a new trial. His wife was convinced he was innocent, and decided to conduct her own investigation to prove it. TV-14
Jean Pool
Aired: 4/18/2008
Police investigating the 1984 murder of a college student had plenty of suspects, but no conclusive evidence linking any of them to the crime. More than a decade later, sophisticated technology would breathe new life into a case grown cold with the passage of time. TV-14
Traffic Violations
Aired: 5/9/2008
The body of an attractive young woman was found a mile from her abandoned car. Police were especially concerned when they realized the victim had come to them for protection just two weeks earlier, after a road rage incident. Concern turned to dread when the evidence began to point not to an aggressive driver, but to one of their own. TV-14
Brotherly Love
Aired: 5/23/2008
When a young single mother was brutally assaulted and murdered, her brother promised he'd find out who was responsible and bring the killer to justice. It would take more than thirty years, but the young man kept his promise and, in doing so, brought closure to his family. TV-14
Aired: 6/6/2008
The crime scene was especially violent: A husband and wife had been shot to death in their bedroom. At first, investigators thought their 16-year-old daughter was lucky to have escaped unharmed... but after a while, they wondered if the reason she was alive had more to do with careful planning than good fortune. TV-14 V
Freedom Fighter
Aired: 6/13/2008
After a suspect is convicted of arson and murder, he steadfastly maintained his innocence, but he was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison. He had no money, no lawyer and only a fifth grade education, but he never gave up. Could law books in the prison library and television programs about forensic science help him prove his case? TV-PG L
Driven to Silence
Aired: 6/20/2008
A young, attractive hairdresser was sexually assaulted and murdered in her own beauty salon. The evidence at the crime scene didn't match any of the suspects and, after the initial investigation, the case went cold for ten years. Then a witness who'd been silent for more than a decade decided to do the right thing. TV-14 V
Printed Proof
Aired: 7/11/2008
When two women went missing and were later found brutally murdered, police wondered if they were victims of a hate crime; the women lived together and were politically active, outspoken advocates of gay rights. But the motive turned out to be something age-old, something with which investigators were all too familiar: greed, fueled by obsession. TV-14 V
About Face
Aired: 7/18/2008
A human skeleton was discovered in the North Carolina marshlands. When investigators learned the victim had been dead for 18 months, they knew it would be difficult to find out who she was, much less who killed her. A forensic anthropologist was able to determine the victim's race, age and height, but it would take an inventive computer consultant to give her a face and a name. TV-14
In the Bag
Aired: 7/25/2008
After shooting his victims in the head, the killer staged the scene, placed the incriminating evidence into a plastic bag and tossed it into the river. Instead of floating downstream, it became entangled in overhanging branches. Days later, when police found it, they hoped clues to the killer's identity and the solution to the crime were "in the bag." TV-14 V
Yes, In Deed
Aired: 8/8/2008
In a tragic twist of fate, just days after a woman sold her home and moved to a modest trailer, a fire took both the trailer and her life. But the autopsy proved this was no accident. It was arson and murder. Investigators had to determine who wanted the woman dead... and why. TV-PG V
Guarded Secrets
Aired: 8/22/2008
When a security guard disappeared from work without a trace, investigators couldn't determine if he left willingly or if foul play was involved. But homicide was confirmed when the body was found 19 months later. Without any substantial evidence or leads the case went cold. 14 years later, a cold case investigator solved the case after finding crucial evidence hidden beneath the victim's sole. TV-14
Smoking Out a Killer
Aired: 8/29/2008
The murder of a young college student leaves a town in shock. Coincidences in the case leave police wondering if it is the work of a serial killer. But a lack of evidence leaves this 1981 case cold. But 25 years later, with the advancement of DNA technology, police are dealt a surprising twist and are able to catch the killer with the help of a cigarette. TV-PG V
Frozen Assets
Aired: 9/12/2008
When a respected business owner was brutally attacked and killed, investigators had to determine if this was a robbery gone wrong or a calculated murder. The evidence at the scene told police what happened but not who was responsible - and then they got a huge break because of a frozen river five miles away. TV-PG V
House Hunting
Aired: 9/19/2008
When a successful real estate agent is brutally murdered, panicked townspeople begin looking over their shoulders and locking their doors. Weeks later, a witness comes forward who may have seen the killer, and police use forensic hypnosis to help him recall every detail of the man's appearance. His description is used to create a composite sketch, which police hope will draw the killer out of hiding. TV-14
Shoot to Thrill
Aired: 10/3/2008
A teenage boy finds his father shot to death in their Minnesota home. When police arrive, they find an unidentified set of shoeprints in the freshly fallen snow, presumably belonging to the killer. But they soon learn that looks can be deceiving in a case of deception, greed and murder-for-hire.
Political Thriller
Aired: 10/10/2008
When a politician died mysteriously during a hard-fought reelection campaign, the medical examiner could neither isolate the cause of death, nor explain the tiny puncture wounds discovered during the autopsy. If the victim had been murdered, it would be up to investigators to determine if her political enemies were to blame, or if the killer was someone much closer to home.
Double Cross
Aired: 10/24/2008
A Virginia apartment is the location of a terrible scene: a robbery interrupted, two people – the intruder and the homeowner's wife – killed in the process. But police soon discover this is no random burglary, as evidence surfaces that suggests the homeowner's wife knew the intruder, who had plenty of motive for murder. The case might have ended there, if not for a blood spatter expert's fantastic discovery that would send the case a new direction – halfway around the world. TV-14 D, S, V
Dancing with the Devil
Aired: 10/31/2008
The crime scene was awash with blood. Analysis showed it had come from two people, one of whom was female. The male DNA was the victim's, which meant the killer was a woman. Leads dried up and the case went cold... until a suspect arrested for drug possession offered police a deal, and told a bizarre tale of an exotic dancer who listened to the voices in her head. TV-14 S, V
Last Dance
Aired: 11/14/2008
When the body of a beautiful young woman was found beneath a bridge, investigators wondered if she'd committed suicide. Evidence at the scene proved not only that she'd been carried to the bridge and thrown over the side, but also that she was alive when she fell. Police had to determine who the victim was... and who wanted her dead. TV-14 V
Constructive Criticism
Aired: 11/21/2008
The huge amount of blood at the crime scene spoke of the violence of the attack; investigators describe it as "overkill," and it's usually an indication that the victim knew the attacker. Police hoped that, during the struggle, the killer had left some of his own blood and his DNA behind. Their challenge was to find it.
Home Evasion
Aired: 12/05/2008
A man called 911 to report his wife had been shot; she was badly wounded and they were on their way to the hospital. When she died, he became the prime suspect. The investigation would prove two things: He was innocent, and he'd been only moments away from being a victim in the most bizarre crime police had ever seen. TV-14 V
Window Watcher
Aired: 12/12/2008
A woman's story seemed farfetched: A man wearing only underwear and gloves broke into the house, stabbed her boyfriend to death, and raped and terrorized her for hours afterwards. But the evidence at the scene supported her story, and investigators turned for help to the FBI and their criminal profilers. TV-14 V
Stranger in the Night
Aired: 12/19/2008
Police are skeptical when a man claims his mother was murdered by the hitchhiker he picked up. Their suspicions are heightened when he refuses to take a polygraph test, and they turn to forensic science. Would the blood and fingerprint evidence at the crime scene support the man's story, or prove his guilt? TV-14 V
Aired: 1/9/2009
When a mother and her child are abducted during a carjacking, the crime is reported within minutes. Police know they have a small window of opportunity to find them... and the clock is ticking. TV-14
Sands of Crime
Aired: 1/16/2009
In the early hours of a morning just before Christmas, a college co-ed was abducted from the parking lot of her apartment. Her body was found later that day; she'd been sexually assaulted and then shot at point blank range. Eight long years passed and then a pair of running shoes and a cell phone breathed new life into a very cold case. TV-14
Sworded Scheme
Aired: 1/30/2009
When a college student is reported missing, police believe their investigation will be like countless others, and she'd turn-up a few days later. But when they discover blood spatter in her boyfriend's bedroom – which someone had gone to great lengths to hide – they know this case is going to be different. TV-14
Calculated Coincidence
Aired: 2/6/2009
A young woman is found dead in her apartment. There's little evidence at the scene, leads don't pan out and the case turns cold... until police discover a link between their prime suspect and an unsolved murder committed six years earlier in a different state. TV-14 V
Aired: 2/20/2009
A serial rapist is on the loose in a Texas town. No one knows where he will strike next, but the audacity of his attacks and the escalation of violence against his victims makes finding him imperative. TV-14 V
Fashion Police
Aired: 3/13/2009
A victim has been stabbed more than thirty times, and the crime scene is awash with her blood. Near her head, police discover a distinctive button with strands of thread still attached. If they can find the owner of the shirt the button came from, they'll also find the killer. TV-14 V
Church Dis-service
Aired: 4/3/2009
A young woman attends evening church services, then disappears. When her abandoned car is found, the tank is empty and an emergency gas can she kept in her trunk is missing. Eyewitnesses place her at a nearby gas station, getting into a van, but their descriptions of the vehicle don't match. Three days later when her body is discovered, the search for the driver of that van intensifies. TV-14 V
Seedy Intentions
Aired: 4/17/2009
When a nine-year-old girl goes missing, police and volunteers spend weeks searching for her. A psychic's vision leads to a field where her body is discovered, along with what investigators hope is enough evidence to help them find her killer. TV-14 V
DNA Dragnet
Aired: 5/15/2009
Digital enhancement of security camera video shows that what appears to be a casual encounter is actually a forced abduction, leading to murder. The perpetrator's MO is remarkably similar to another murder which occurred five months earlier, 15 miles away. When investigators learn the crimes might not be isolated or random, they also realize a serial killer may be on the loose. TV-14 V
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