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Forensic Files


Season 6 Episodes

Aired: 7/13/2005
When hunters reported finding a skull in a Texas canyon, police immediately began an investigation. At the scene, they found bits of clothing, a woman's shoe, some small bones and a strand of hair. An anthropologist determined the victim was a Caucasian woman, and that she'd been stabbed repeatedly. A forensic artist reconstructed her face, and the image was released to media. Eventually, police learned who she was. Now all they had to do was find her killer. TV-14 V
Cereal Killer
Aired: 8/24/2005
When a fire destroyed most of a home and a young boy went missing, police organized the largest search in the history of their small town. First the boy's backpack was discovered five miles from home, and then his body was found 50 miles away. But the killer was careless, and the evidence he left behind would lead police directly to him. TV-14 V
Four on the Floor
Aired: 10/20/2005
A native American woman was killed in the desert of New Mexico, and the crime scene was rich in forensic evidence: tire tracks, shoe impressions and even the murder weapons. The site was less than 10 miles from another crime scene where, two years earlier, a male native American was beaten and stabbed to death. Police began to wonder: Was a serial killer on the loose? TV-14 V
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Aired: 11/16/2005
Two men were convicted of intentionally shooting and killing a passenger in a moving car, their friend was granted immunity for testifying against them, and the case was closed. Then a bomb exploded in the family home of the state's witness, instantly killing his father. Investigators turned to forensic science, hoping to determine if this was an act of revenge and if there was a way to link the two deadly crimes. TV-14 V
Garden of Evil
Aired: 02/22/2006
When a popular disc jockey is found murdered in a local garden police race to find answers. With no other leads police turn to a blood spatter expert who shows them that their killer is much closer than they ever realized. TV-14 V
Penchant for Poison
Aired: 03/22/2006
When an elderly woman's mysterious illness turns out to be the result of arsenic poisoning, Texas Rangers race to find the culprit. But in the course of their investigation they discover there may be other victims. The only way to trap the killer is when forensic experts analyze the cremated remains for traces of arsenic.
Wired for Disaster
Aired: 06/21/2006
When a 29-year-old woman is killed by a bomb that was planted in her doorway, police scramble to find out who wanted her dead. Watch as experts reconstruct the bomb in hopes that this will enable them to identify a killer. TV-14 V
Wood-be Killer
Aired: 7/12/2006
A killer tried to destroy everything which could link him to his crime. But in doing so, did he inadvertently created new forensic evidence that could come to light with a technique never before used in a criminal investigation? TV-14 V
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