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Forensic Files


Season 10 Episodes

Textbook Murder
Aired: 10/29/2010
A woman is murdered and police learn her fiancé was having affairs with other women. He becomes the prime suspect, until another man speaks up. TV-14-L
Filtered Out
Aired: 11/12/2010
When a teen girl goes missing, no one knows if she ran away or if she was the victim of foul play. Everyone's worst fears are confirmed when a body is found at the bottom of an isolated ravine. Police scour the crime scene, hoping to find enough evidence to identify the killer. TV-PG-V
Water Logged
Aired: 12/10/2010
An Ohio woman and her two daughters go missing while vacationing in Florida. Hopes of their return turn to anguish when their bodies are found floating in Tampa Bay, and there's no evidence of who was responsible. 5 years and hundreds of leads later, investigators track down a heartless killer in one of the most high-profile manhunts in Florida history. TV-14-DV
Social Circle
Aired: 12/17/2010
Four young adults are brutally murdered in an affluent Texas neighborhood, and the crime scene yields little evidence. Witnesses see two young people dressed in black walking nearby, and their descriptions are used to create composite drawings which become a key element in solving the crime. TV-14-DV
Low Maintenance
Aired: 1/21/2011
A young college student is found dead in her apartment. There are no obvious signs of foul play, but skin cells under her fingernails yield DNA of an unknown male suspect, and petechial hemorrhages in her eyes prove this is a homicide.
Fate Date
Aired: 2/11/2011
Twenty-four hours after her face-to-face meeting with a man she met online, a woman and her soon-to-be ex-husband were shot to death. Only the computer had been taken from her home, and with it, the means to identify the killer.
Trail of a Killer
Aired: 2/25/2011
A community is shocked when police discover a woman raped and murdered in broad daylight on a public trail. Police sift through dozens of potential leads, but cannot match evidence to anyone close to the crime scene. With the help of an accurate eyewitness account, investigators track the killer through a wilderness of suspects. TV-PG-DV
Gone Ballistic
Aired: 4/1/2011
A middle-aged man is gunned down in his own home. The motive appears to be robbery, but a mysterious greeting card blows the investigation wide open. In order to prove his theory, a detective goes on a hunch and discovers a series of coincidences impossible to ignore. TV-PG-V
Seeing Red
Aired: 4/8/2011
A high-school student vanishes without a trace. False leads force detectives to work double time until a prostitute's murder demands police attention. Is it possible the same killer struck twice?
Aired: 4/29/2011
Just a day after America's greatest tragedy, a town 200 miles away from the World Trade Center experiences its own misfortune. A mother of four vanishes overnight without a trace. With a wealth of suspects, but scarce evidence, police rely on blood spatter to solve the case. TV-PG-V
Skeleton Key
Aired: 05/27/2011
A woman goes missing for a month. Police find her car but no evidence of foul play, only a fingerprint and a set of keys. There's a code on one of the keys, which they hope will unlock not only a door, but also the mystery of her disappearance. TV-PG-SV
Funeral Services
Aired: 06/03/2011
Police receive a frantic 9-1-1 call from a son who finds his father dead in their own home. When investigators converge at the scene, an unknown male suspect is inside. But ballistic evidence points to someone else. When cell phone forensics clear the only suspect, police must rely on DNA evidence to find the real killer.
Expert Witness
Aired: 06/17/2011
A meticulous killer washes everything at the scene, including the victim's body. The only definitive evidence was a single foreign hair. Three years later he strikes again and, this time, what he left behind proves he committed both crimes.
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