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Have Gun, Will Battle: The 10 Most Shocking Shootouts of All-Time
North Hollywood Shootout
North Hollywood Shootout
February 28, 1997

As befits a shootout that took place just miles from the Universal and Disney studios, this botched bank robbery was seemingly made for TV.

The would-be robbers, Larry Phillips, Jr., and Emil Matasareanu (left), were armed more for a warzone firefight than a bank heist, clad head-to-toe in body armor and brandishing a small armory's worth of automatic weapons. Though they had strength in numbers, the police were completely outgunned and were even forced to augment their own meager weapons with higher-caliber bullets hastily purchased from a local gun store.

News crews and TV choppers captured the whole ordeal, which ended with Matasareanu committing suicide and Phillips being shot and then bleeding to death on the streets. Over 2,600 rounds of ammunition were fired by the deadly duo.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde
May 23, 1934

This bank-robbing pair was no stranger to gunplay, but the shootout that ended their life was decidedly one-sided.

After their string of high-profile robberies and exciting gun battles with the local law, authorities had grown tired of being made to look foolish by Bonnie and Clyde. A posse of cops hid in wait for the duo near their Bienville Parish, LA hideout. Once the couple slowed down by the side of the road, the lawmen opened fire without first warning.

By the time it was over, the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde were said to have been shot as many as 50 times.

Gunfight at the OK Corral
Gunfight at the OK Corral
October 26, 1881

The most famous gunfight of the Old West, this shootout featured some of the biggest names of the gunslinger tradition, including John "Doc" Holliday (left) and the Earps; Virgil, Morgan and Wyatt.

Concerned that a gang of unruly cowboys may have broken a city law against bringing concealed weapons into Tombstone, AZ, the Earps and Holliday went to the fateful corral to confront the gang, which included Billy Claiborne, Frank and Tom McLaury and Ike and Billy Clanton.

Ike loathed the Earps and may have been spoiling for a fight. Drawing their weapons, the Earps and Holliday called for the cowboys to drop their guns and put their hands up. A few tense seconds passed. The identity of the man who fired first was never known, but a volley of gunshots soon rang out: Frank McLaury was hit in the belly by a shot fired by Holliday, while Morgan Earp shot Billy Clanton in the wrists. Thirty shots were fired in as many seconds, and as the smoke cleared, both McLaurys and Billy Clanton were killed while Morgan, Virgil, and Doc Holliday were wounded.

Jerry Dove

Ben Grogan
FBI Miami Shootout
April 11, 1986

This real-life slice of Miami Vice led to wide-spread changes about how the FBI would arm its men and women.

After a rash of bank robberies in Miami, FBI agents pulled over a car that had been seen at the crimes, a black Chevy Monte Carlo driven by former Special Forces op Michael Platt and one-time military police officer William Matix.

Pinned in by the FBI, the pair drew on their military training, and came out of their car, guns blazing. Though outnumbered, the evil duo had the advantage of superior firepower. Though hit multiple times, Platt managed to lay down suppressing fire, and wound six agents, killing two, including Jerry Dove and Ben Grogan (left). The out-of-control pair were finally shot and killed after four minutes of sustained gunfire. In order to keep up with better-armed criminals, the FBI would soon switch from their standard revolver sidearm to the faster-loading magazine cartridge.

Operation Entebbe
Operation Entebbe
July 3, 1976

Palestinian terrorists had hijacked an Air France jet, diverted it to Uganda (a country friendly to Palestinian extremists), and after releasing all non-Jewish passengers, demanded Israel release 40 Palestinian prisoners or they would execute the remaining 104 passengers.

While negotiators stalled for time, Israeli Sayeret Matkal commandos stormed the airport, killed all seven hijackers, and shot their way past hostile Ugandan army regulars. Miraculously, only three hostages and one commando were killed, despite being under fire from an entire army.

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