Container Wars: Full Episodes

Full Episodes Container Wars

  • Damage Control

    Damage Control

    A container riddled with bullets, a burned-out box, and a freak accident on the lot put everyone on edge, until an out-o...

    Season 1 21:04 Air Date: 04/22/14
  • Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Four unique containers go up for auction after missing their holiday deadlines. A can of vintage nostalgia has Matt sal...

    Season 1 20:51 Air Date: 04/22/14
  • Outdoor Adventure

    Outdoor Adventure

    Buyers battle to prove who's king of the playground and a can full of bicycle gear gets everyone's wheels turning. Plus...

    Season 1 20:51 Air Date: 04/15/14
  • Bigger is Better

    Bigger is Better

    When jumbo-sized containers make their way to the yard, buyers use every trick in the book to win, big time. A bin full...

    Season 1 21:31 Air Date: 04/08/14
  • Sailing Away

    Sailing Away

    The Israelis' go hard after what they think is vintage clothing, but will their fashion expertise pay off? Mo and Ty go...

    Season 1 20:51 Air Date: 02/18/14