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Bernard Barr

Bernard Barr

Q: Describe what your job is like.

An opportunity! A bunch of moments not minutes, mostly memorable, some mundane, (like chores), mostly entertaining and enjoyable.

Q: What makes up an average day for you?

Not any different than any other. Good days/ bad days. Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you. I'm pretty passionate about work. The hardest thing about an average day is, "getting up in the morning!"

Q: What is the most outrageous thing that has happened to you at work?

Having a customer scared by a loud noise, dumped in his drawers!

Q: What kind of weapon is your specialty and why do you like it?

Edged tools/weapons, my favorite is the tomahawk. It deals with duality love/hate, peace/war. It can both save lives and take lives. It is historically iconic and unique in its origins. Culturally it appeals to me because of its meaning and my heritage. It has seen use in every war or conflict. Even before we became a country.

Q: What do you do to relax?

To relax I spend time with my children. I especially enjoy time with my wife and grand kids. It may not be conventional buy I train to relax. Its constructive, I get "me" time. It centers and balances. It's me and it's what I do. Training is like zen--kinda relaxing!

Q: What are the three most important traits a person needs to have to succeed in your line of work?

Knowledge, passion, dedication and candor. The traits I see in most of my co-workers.

Q: What ticks you off the most?

Total intolerance, people that don't listen, yet try to silence others, especially people who insist on defining others instead of letting others define themselves!

Q: If you could change one thing about Guns Plus, what would it be?

The daily hours are a little long. I need to read bedtime stories to the grand kids while I still can.

Q: What makes working at Guns Plus special?

It damn sure ain't the pay. Gotta love what you do! Ride or die baby. We work together we die together. I'd hate to work in a potentially dangerous environment with guys I don't like or weren't willing to die for. It's like anything else in life; you take the good with the bad. Just like family, church, a fraternity, or the army. I got his back and he's got mine. People always ask why I work at Guns Plus when I could make much more money doing something else. I made a commitment to see Chris do well with this endeavor. I still get in a few "something else's" for fun and profit. Working here is part of the natural walk on the warrior's path. The warrior's path teaches us to serve with compassion and commitment. If I didn't care about people I wouldn't work here. The commitment is to serve. It's not just a business. We provide a service. We educate, we empower, we teach people to (self) examine. Through this, people learn personal responsibility. Through this, people's actions serve them, their families, their country and their creator. Like warriors past and present we serve. I think this helps us to be a better productive part of society. The way I see it Jesus was here to serve, can I strive for anything less.

Q: What is one of your most memorable customer stories?

A few years back during the month of December a couple walks into the store. The man tells us of how fond he was of the M-14/M1A rifle he carried after Korea and during the Vietnam conflict, as he called it. He spoke fondly of how the rifle he carried, carried him home! He told us that he had always wanted the rifle that served him so well when he served the country. He had never bought one, putting the "economic needs of the family first". He and his wife left the store without one but said if he could swing it (financially) he would be back for one. Same man walks in with his wife a week before Christmas to buy the M-14. He comes right over to me with cash in hand. I was sorry to tell him that they had all been sold with little chance of getting another in the shop before Christmas. Needless to say he was crushed. You could tell how disappointed he was by the way he walked out. We promised to try and get him one before the holiday. He called me everyday to check our progress. No luck. Man I hated lying to that guy. Little did he know his wife and family purchased the last M-14 prior to the last visit. He called Christmas Eve only to be informed that again we failed to find one. I told him that we still believed in Santa. He laughed and said Merry Christmas anyway and thanked us for trying. After the holiday his wife called and said after all the presents were exchanged and opened on Christmas, the man sat semi-excited about the morning and gifts. Later she led him to a room where his children and grandchildren presented him with the M-14 rifle, lots of donated extras and Marine Corps memorabilia that the guys and I sent with the rifle, yes Virginia......

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