Caught Red Handed: Cast

Gary Chan

Loss Prevention Agent

Location: San Francisco, CA

Experience: 11 years


Gary Chan began his loss prevention career in 2001 when he joined an iconic record store. He honed his craft over the next 11 years with 5 major retailers which culminated in his recent win of a coveted award from a major department store. Gary is a rare gem in the loss prevention world. He is a self-professed, "master of disguise" who can blend into any environment. Standing at only 5'5", this expert black belt likes the fact that shoplifters underestimate him because it gives him the upper hand when using his "chameleon like" attributes. He hates shoplifters and hates losing to criminals. This 38-year-old, self-proclaimed, "two-face," definitely has a dark side. He can be your best friend, but if you cross him or steal from one of his stores – prepare to meet his "inner dragon."