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Body of Evidence: From the case files of Dayle Hinman - All New, 8pm Saturday

Dayle Hinman
Renowned criminal profiler and homicide investigator Dayle Hinman began her 26-year career in law enforcement in 1975, working as a cop on the beat at Florida State University. She spent five years as a deputy for the Leon County Sheriff, including a stint in the department’s underwater recovery dive team.

Dayle eventually trained in the criminal investigative analysis division at the FBI’s behavioral science unit.

As one of a handful of women in her field, she has successfully investigated hundreds of criminals, including infamous killers like Aileen Wuornos, Danny Rolling and Ted Bundy. She is a court-certified expert in crime scene assessment and lectures nationally and internationally on criminal profiling, crime scene analysis, threat assessment and serial offenders.

Dayle is a Virgo. She enjoys listening to country music in the car and likes to keep her nails at a “tactical length” for shooting weaponry.
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