Black Gold: Cast

Oscar Barerras, Tool Pusher

Last season, Oscar proved himself to Jerry and the higher ups at Big Dog and scored his seat replacing Jerry as tool pusher on Rig 28.

Oscar's been working for Big Dog for 15 years now – just as long as some of the company men. For this, he has earned their respect and that of his hands as well. He's a stocky roughneck of Mexican descent, who is tough but fair to his crew. He yells a lot on the rig, partly so his crew can hear him and partly to impress urgency in them.

Oscar has to keep Rig 28 running. His biggest concern is making sure his drillers are running their hands and making a good hole. In the end he's responsible for having them execute on the plan. Oscar also has to deal with Brandon and his hot temper. This season, Oscar has made it his mission to mentor Brandon out of his tough times, but he can only take so much. If Brandon can't get his act together Oscar might have to fire him.

Most important of all is going to be trying to keep these crews together for the mission of finding the pay zone for Big Dog Drilling. There's a bonus involved and everyone wants a piece. Oscar is in need of qualified hands, and that's hard to come by. When the rig comes up short, they'll need to bring in Tank, who doesn't have the training. He can get the job done but might create more problems than he's worth by fighting with Cheston. Oscar won't stand for that on his rig, so he'll be on "Tank vs Cheston" watch 24/7.