Black Gold: Cast

Aaron Wheeler, Derrickman

Brandon has recruited the Wheeler brothers based on their reputation in the oil field. Only time will tell if these former drillers will take orders from Brandon and be able to work alongside Cheston. Their hot tempers will make it tough for them to survive long enough to turn a profit for the company – and earn bonuses for themselves.

Aaron will work with anyone who does the job well. One of his tasks will be to teach Cheston how to do derricks. Aaron has far more experience than Cheston and considers himself a good coach, but he might just hit the ceiling once his patience runs out.

Aaron also wants to make an impression at Big Dog so he can get a driller spot. Brandon has given him an in, but it's up to him to work to get the respect he needs and he's not going to let Cheston get in the way. Aaron often covers for his brother, who seems to get into trouble more often than not. This might be what screws him up in the end. They've been known to cover for each other on shift work, with Aaron usually being the one to save Josh.