Tondee's Tavern vs. Bootleggers

Tondee's Tavern vs. Bootleggers

Man, what a show this week! But forget all that, let's talk about that woman who insulted my eyebrows! As a standup comedian, I've been heckled a lot, but never that close up and without a microphone in my hand. I was completely blindsided! She just wouldn't stop commenting on these sweet brows!

And comparing my look to Herman Munster?! Come on, I'm way better looking than that guy. For one thing, he was a monster and also, he was in black and white! You can't compare our looks -- they're totally different. Not to mention the fact that I have way better hair. Now, if she compared me to Cousin It, that'd be a different story.

For a while there as she was going off on me, I thought about zinging her back but then I remembered the number one rule when dealing with a heckler: You can often just say nothing and they'll embarrass themselves. And I like to think she kinda did, especially when she said, "I gotta fix you up before you're on TV," without realizing that our entire conversation was on TV! Or perhaps she was just confused, didn't realize I was hosting a show and thought the cameras around her were just capturing high-level selfies.

Either way, this week's competition got pretty heated, things got broken (dishes and perhaps even spirits) and, in the end, Reed pulled out the victory. Next week we are in Atlanta, where there's twerking, which I can't wait to see with my face pressed against the TV.

Trust me, it's gonna be pretty darn fantastic!

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