Gossip Grill vs. Single Fin

Gossip Grill vs. Single Fin

We are back, baby!!! Getting to shoot in the beautiful beach wonderland that is San Diego was a real treat, and both of these bars were fantastic. Gossip Grill was a nonstop party and I had a ton of fun there, even though oddly enough I seemed to strike out with all the ladies. Single Fin was the perfect place to eat yummy food and just take in the cool ocean breeze while working up a nice buzz.

This was the first episode we shot that featured the $10,000 prize and man, it really upped the intensity while filming. Dominick and Moe both seemed to take the competition way more seriously. Not only were they making new rules, they were racing around bussing tables, straightening chairs and pouring drinks -- they clearly wanted that cash!

Dominick had the cards stacked against him just by way of his gender. Let me tell you, being a straight guy in a "Women's Bar" is tough enough, but he had to order them gals around and tell them what to do. That clearly was not easy and he struggled a little up front. But then I feel like he really hit his stride and buckled down with supreme confidence. While Moe seemed to resent Dominick trying to get more straight guys in there, I respect that idea because it promotes inclusiveness and also seems like a logical plan to bring in more cash. Though it turns out, not enough cash.

I think Moe won the contest by putting the heat lamps on that balcony. It was so simple -- warmth and comfort are better! Why didn't Dominick think of this before?! It got people to stick around and even more importantly, it advertised the bar to people walking by. Moe realized that Single Fin can be a commercial for itself if there are people smiling and partying for all to see. Also, the fact that she got a real-life porn star to post some selfies didn't hurt in spreading the word, either. Or rather, she said she's a porn star. It's not like I've gone and researched it or anything…

So, congratulations to Moe, not just for having a great name, but for winning that $10K and our first-ever Barmageddon trophy! And what a trophy it is! (By the way, I know from experience that that's a real shaker and I may or may not have even mixed drinks in it.)

Next episode, we are back in San Diego and for the first time ever, the two bars are direct competitors located just down the street from each other. It gets very personal and very chaotic. You'll see beer squirt everywhere, crabs wrestle and all sorts of other insanity.

Until then, I remain Professor Rabbi Mo Mandel...

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