Prohibition vs. The Iron Horse NYC

Prohibition vs. The Iron Horse NYC

I got paid to ride a swing!!!! My brother may be a partner in a law firm and have the governor of California's number on speed dial, but… I got paid to ride a swing! With a hot chick named "Dirty D" on my lap! Who needs to be your parents' favorite when you can lay claim to that?!

This episode was intense right from the start. You got the sense that both Ziggy and Michael not only didn't feel comfortable in each other's bars, they kinda disliked them and what they represented. And I think that that got in the way of each of them being as effective as they could have been. Ziggy, aside from trying a few free drinks, never seemed to click with the Prohibition vibe. He claimed that they needed to up the authenticity of the costumes, and yet he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt the whole time. I don't remember seeing that look in The Untouchables.

As for Michael, that dude never even tried the swing! He said he doubted that it brought people in, and yet he never even tried it!!! C'mon, Mike, just take one ride! He seemed to focus purely on the drinks and not really take in the fullness of that bar's truly unique atmosphere, and thus his changes were not as broad and effective as they could have been. And I think that's why the profits only went up a mere handful of percentages. You have to really know what foundation you're working from before you start to build.

As for me, I got to see a ton of hot scantily clad women while shooting this episode and learn a lot about bars, myself and my stomach. For instance, it turns out if that I have ten sugary sweet cocktails and then ride a swing, I will throw up in the bathroom while the producers race around trying to figure out where I am… Yup, like I said when Dirty D was pressed against my face, "I have the best job in the world."

Take that, older better brother!

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