Anchor Bar vs. Blu Cantina

Anchor Bar vs. Blu Cantina


I loved being in Atlanta! This was one of the most fun episodes to shoot because that's one of the most incredibly badass cities we've gone to so far. It's just got a really hip cool vibe. You feel like at any moment a dance party might break out or a hookah might get sparked up for some puffing. And in these two bars, both happened quite often.

I loved Anchor Bar right off the bat because it's such an original concept. At this point, almost nothing surprises me when I walk into a drinking establishment because I figure I've seen it all... but getting tattoos? That is something I had not seen in a bar yet, and it was awesome. I just love the idea of a tattoo being not just a cool thing for someone to get, but a cool thing for other people to watch you get. It adds an audience to something that is generally quite personal, and that always makes for a great show.

Blu Cantina had a really funky feel to it and I immediately felt at home. Maybe it's because I live in L.A. and anything Latin seems familiar, but right away I was digging the scene. Those Big Ass Margaritas were as refreshing and delicious as they looked and they sold like hot cakes. And because of Corrina's price point, they were quite the money-maker.

It's hard to say why Uche won and Corrina lost because I thought they both did some really interesting, smart things in each other's bars, and both had plenty of sexy bartenders keeping the customers entertained. I think the difference is in how they each rallied their staffs behind them.

Uche managed to get his girls and Galley to finally fall in line, while Corrina never really got Edawn to help out and I think that ultimately cost her the $10,000. No battle can be won by the general alone, and when the second in command refuses to follow orders, things generally fall apart fast. And when that second in command is Edawn's size, there's really not a lot you can do to get him to play ball if he doesn't want to. Though Corrina never stopped trying.

As for me, I didn't get a tattoo, nor did I learn to twerk, but that doesn't mean that I won't do both next time I'm in Atlanta and you better believe I'm already planning my return. Having seen that city once, I'll be ready to really rock it out when I come back for more.

Next week, we head back to New York where it all began. But trust me, some very unfamiliar things go down, and you'll want to be watching when they do.

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