Brass Monkey Tavern vs. Kevro's Art Bar

Brass Monkey Tavern vs. Kevro's Art Bar


Man, this was a crazy one. I grew up on a hippie commune so I've seen long-haired people use sage to scare off "bad energy" before, but I've never seen them do it in the middle of a sports bar on game night. That'd be like trying to start a pickup game of tackle football in the middle of Burning Man! I'm surprised Kevro got out of there without someone taking that sage and setting him on fire. Especially since he covered up half their TVs, which did not go over well. A few roughnecks even yelled at me about it! I was like, "Dudes, I'm just a standup comedian. If it was up to me, we'd be shooting this episode in a strip club and keeping things exactly the way they are."

But, to be honest, I myself am not much of a sports fan. Probably because I sucked at sports. As a kid I was a benchwarmer, which is embarrassing. You come home and your dad's like, "How was the game?" You're like, "Um, relaxing." But the vibe at Brass Monkey was cool. The girls were fun, they had a good sense of humor and after a while I even started to appreciate watching the games. Until they covered up the games with art work of lips being rained on by yours truly. (If you don't get this, then watch the freaking episode already!)

At the same time, I gotta say, I'm not really a fan of art, either. Nothing makes me feel dumber than going to an art gallery and trying to pretend like I know what the hell I'm looking at. Although I was certainly able to gaze at that that mural of the mermaid at Kevro's with a certain level of appreciation. Especially after I downed five or six Martini shots.

What I liked most about shooting this one was how much both Marty and Kevro totally didn't let the fact that they were way out of their element stop them from doing exactly what they felt was right. Marty shut off the art and turned on the sports while Kevro instantly shut down the sports and dressed the girls up in artistic tie-dye. Which they loved! 

Whether or not people like or don't like the same stuff that I do, I always admire them when they stick to their guns and keep believing in themselves and their way of doing things despite it all. And in my experience, it always makes for a more entertaining episode.

So, I raise my glass and my burning hunk of voodoo sage to The Brass Monkey and Kevro's Art Bar. Two places that I look forward to returning to someday soon, no matter what's on the TVs.

I'll be looking at the little black dresses anyway.

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