Lucey's Lounge vs. Manitoba's

Lucey's Lounge vs. Manitoba's

Man, this episode had it all, right? Everything from music history (sort of) to fist fighting (almost). Needless to say, it was one hell of a wild week of shooting at Manitoba's and Lucey's Lounge, and good lord do I love the hell out of all the people who work at both of these fine places. And here's the great part: it turns out that they all now love each other as well! From what I gather, Lucey and Henry have been hanging out at Manitoba's and Dick and Zoe have been traveling over to Brooklyn to kick it at Lucey's Lounge. That's right, not only does Barmageddon provide laughs, ridiculousness, great hair (mine) and hilarity, it also fosters deep and meaningful friendships!

And how about that heckler?! That woman was not picking up what old Mo Mandel was putting down. But what I didn't get was, if she didn't want to be around a TV crew, why didn't she just go to a different bar? Manitoba's is in the East Village of New York City where there are literally 15 bars on a every block. She could have even taken some wine under a bridge, some whisky onto a subway car or sipped a beer as she strolled through the park, all places where she wouldn't have had to hear my raspy lovable voice. My theory? She had a crush on yours truly and insulting me was her strategy of breaking down my self-esteem so that she could get with me. I should mention that this theory is based on absolutely nothing; however, I stand by it and I hope that she sobers up enough to read this article.

Other things that are important to mention: Lucey's Lounge has a Coconut Cream concoction that is truly one of the best drinks I got a chance to try all season, Manitoba's has the most awesome display of old school punk rock pictures that you're going to see anywhere, and most importantly, I managed to con my way into getting a bunch of free Dictators T-shirts. So, I raise my glass to this episode and to you guys for watching it, and to the cast of lunatics who helped make it a reality.

Next week, the insanity continues. You'll see me on a swing with a hot chick on my lap and lots of whisky. 'Nuff said.

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