Schedule: Combat Pawn

Schedule Combat Pawn

truTV is about to take a very different look at the pawn business in this all-new series! Go behind the scenes at Guns Plus, a unique pawn store in Fort Bragg, NC that specializes in weapons and military-inspired collectables.

Wed 7/23
11 am

Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors - The staff get a rare opportunity to join a big shootout with the a group of injured vets overcoming combat injuries. And to end the day, the resident wounded warrior sharpshooter throws down the gauntlet to Martin. TV-PG V, L

11:30 am

Shoot House

Shoot House - A possible security threat puts the staff on high alert and leads to a confrontation between manager Martin and salesman Ethan. Then an injured combat vet who has taken up gunsmithing brings in his very first handmade rifle in to sell. TV-14 L

12 pm

Machine Gun Challenge

Machine Gun Challenge - Boss Cris goes on the warpath when he discovers that Ethan has bought an old Browning machine gun that doesn't fire. Will Ethan have to face the boss's wrath or can gunsmith Josh get this rare weapon working? TV-14 L

12:30 pm

Engraved Gun

Engraved Gun - Owner Chris promises a surprise engraving for a soldier's wife, but can Josh deliver? Ethan is offered a rare machine gun. And finally, a scorned lover looks to sell Martin a tricked-out Bushmaster rifle so he can leave town. TV-14 L

1 pm

Warhorse Knife

Warhorse Knife - Bernard is ecstatic when he encounters a long lost treasure. Marvin gets the chance to buy an amazing palm pistol, but will an old-timer out negotiate him? And finally, the trash talking at the shop boils over. TV-14 L

1:30 pm

LeMat Revolver

LeMat Revolver- The store is offered a rare opportunity to buy a Confederate army revolver. But is this pristine Civil War relic really as good as it looks or just a brilliantly engineered fake? And how much will storeowner Chris gamble to find out? TV-14 L